Who’s Biblioworm?

…. Or Why I Have a Book Blog.

You can call me Biblioworm, Bookworm, Mr. Bookworm, Dude, That Guy… okay maybe not those others but Ravenous would do nicely here.  If you must use a nickname Rave would be fine also.

This is a book blog.  Mainly YA in nature but occasionally I will have the adult book or graphic novel.

Yes, I am a librarian of sorts… but no means a professional reviewer.  These reviews are word vomits from my brain so they may not be “professional” but this is my personal blog and these are my thoughts.

But the most awesome thing about this blog?  The MOST AWESOMEST and soon to be MOST COMPREHENSIVE Young Adult (YA) book genre guide.  Need or want a book in a specific genre?  Say in Contemporary and deals with drug addiction?  Check out the Contemporary Addiction category.  Say want a fantasy book, but one that’s not like The Lord of the Rings but is fantastical in nature?  Check out the Fantasy guide list.  Need one with elves, orcs, and mythical creatures with our heroes on a quest?  Check out the High Fantasy section.  Need one that has Greek Mythology in it?  Yep, check out the Greek Mythos category page.  I’m sure you get my point.  But I can’t really get to all of this on my own (well, I can but it’s going to take a really really long time) so I will need your help.  So feel free to message me or leave a comment and I will add a book to the list.  If I ask a lot of questions about your recommendation, please don’t get offended I just want to make sure it’s in the most appropriate category as possible.

So check out my blog and follow me!  😀  Happy Book Hunting and Readings!