Find the Worm

If there are any questions or comments that you feel you can’t or feel awkward to leave as a comment, please feel free to contact me at:

ravenousbiblioworm @ gmail . com

No spaces inbetween.  😀

Cheers!  Kanpai!  Keep eating books and spreading worms!


5 responses to “Find the Worm

  1. Hey! This is going to come across as cheeky and self serving, but I’m a writer so I’ll probably put it down to insanity and then throw in one more of the numerous excuses for why I do the things I do. Anyway, mini-slightly crazy-rant over with, as I said I’m a writer and I have an online story, but very few readers since it’s difficult to convince people to actual sit down and read something. (or stand or cartwheel or whatever stance they normally read in and read. Did that make sense?)
    But my point is I’m asking people who have shown an intrest in YA fiction, (anyone who tagged the topic in a post and I’ve liked the look of their blog, screw the beggers can’t be choosers malarky) if they would be intrested in giving the story a look over. It’s online and I update each Thursday alongside working on any other writing quests which I keep locked away in a secure location! It’s an attempt to get feedback on my writing style and hopefully iron out any creases in my metaphorical table cloth.
    I will admit this little speech does somewhat exceed the normal parameters (don’t hold me to the spelling, it’s rather late at night) of my normal insanity but I’m sure it will all be fine.
    So cheerio, toodle pip and so long old chap! (I really need to find a way to lock my computer after ten o’clock, because I’m not sure if these rants come across and funny and intresting (like my brains tells me) or just plain … (crazy seems to tame a word…)

    • From what I understood, you would like for me to read your work and make comments on a story you are currently posting. This work, YA novel, is a work in progress is my understanding. Unfortunately, if that is the case, then I’ll have to pass. Due to my schedule, with maintaining three book reviews per week average and work I don’t have the time to help a writer edit their work chapter by chapter. If it’s a finished work, I may consider reading it, depending on the synopsis. When you are done feel free to ask again with a sypnopsis or summary of the story and I’ll reconsider again. I just don’t have the time to review chapter by chapter. Thanks for your interest in my blog and taking the time to look through it. I appreciate that much. Good luck on your novel! Best wishes.

  2. I like how you’ve set up everything on here! It’s very intuitive and has given me a lot of ideas for my own blog. Although I don’t read as much young adult I will be sure to check back as you appear to write very good reviews 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Hey there I saw you on Goodreads and just wanted to say that I am now following your blog and hope you take a look at mine and follow me as well 🙂

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