Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,Transgender, and Questioning

Some dudes like dudes.  Some chicks like chicks.  Some dudes and chicks like both dudes and chicks.  Some people are more aqauinted, familiar, and identifies with the different gender.  I will not feature books with the best friend who is gay (most are done poorly), who is there for diversity’s sake.  These books features narrators, protaganists, and characters who are part of the GLBT community and whose livelihood may be driven by this fact about them.

The links below links to books dealing specifically with the link’s theme or topic or the character is of the topic’s focus.  Books below the links incorporate multiple themes in this parent category.

Books are listed by author’s last name.  A series will be counted as one entry.  The summary of the first book will be the only summary given as later book summary may include spoilers.  Titles that are hyperlinked are linked to their Goodreads page.






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