Book Spotlight: Carry On

So have you read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell?  No?  Well you should.  It’s a nice contemporary to pick up.  If you HAD, you will be familiar with a story within that story.  Simon Snow and Baz Pitch, a “play” (not like a stage play but like an imitation) on the Harry Potter fandom – or meant to be… And SURPRISE!  Rainbow Rowell just recently announced that Simon Snow will soon (okay – not THAT soon)… be real.  He will have his own story and he will fall in love and have “I hate you”-fights with Baz Pitch.  And the book title will be … so if you read Fangirl you can probably make a very good guess… yes… it will be:  Carry On.

As Rainbow Rowell said, “Yes, THAT Carry On.”

Here’s Rainbow Rowell’s tumbler page as proof:  proof.

Illustration from FANGIRL novel.

Illustration from FANGIRL novel.

When I first heard/read of this a few minutes ago… the voices of thousands of fan girls in my head nearly made me deaf.  I am curious.  I will buy it.  Because (though I may not squeal and gush) I do like Rainbow Rowell’s works.  Fangirl  was okay.  I enjoyed it.  But I loved Eleanor and Park.  I’m very critical … so the “like” is a plus in my book.  I also love fantasy.  Fantasy anything… steampunk fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, high fantasy, romance fantasy (with lots of reservations), fantasy… fantasy… fantasy… so Rainbow Rowell + Fantasy = what can go wrong? (Answer:  Nothing… Hopefully).

I didn’t know there was a Simon Snow and Baz following.  Apparently there is.  A simple google search and viola:  pages and pages of fan art, blogs, and sites.  Examples below.

Simon and Baz fan art.

Simon and Baz fan art.

Pininterest Fan (from which most of the drawings on this post if probably from…. let me know if you know the real artist… I just googled searched and the pages and pages of the images just linked to several different sites with no credits.)

And I saved the best part for last.  It’ll be available in October 2015.  Now you can wait FOREVER and EVER… muahahaha.

P.S.  If you didn’t know… many fan fictions have male pairings of the person-writing’s favorite characters or the proposed arch-type enemies in the books they are slashed from.  It seems Simon Snow may have a gay couple… I’m not sure… as the whole fan fiction premise from Fangirls… and to be basing my assumptions off of the book Fangirl… isn’t really dependable.


    So… in the words of this meme creator:

Oh... clever.

Oh… clever.


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