Book Spotlight: Little Dead Man by Jake Bible

I am not a zombie fan.  Through all the zombie books I’ve read, I haven’t been uberly impressed.  Don’t get me wrong – there are some good zombie books out there – just not something I want in a zombie book.  Actually, I’m in a catch 22 situation with zombie books.  I want them to be chillingly scary… but I don’t like being scared, so I wait until I’m in the right mood (read as keep pushing off)… Then the zombie books I read just aren’t spine chilling enough… IT’S MY FAULT… I know.

Anyway,  this one caught my eye.  Read the summary.  Seriously?  Really?  Yes, I am intrigued.  Maybe I shall pick you up, Little Dead Man.  And maybe you should too, reader.

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Summary:  Decades after the zombie apocalypse, seventeen year old Garret Weir just wants to be a normal teenager. As if dealing with the zombies isn t hard enough, his annoying twin brother refuses to leave him in peace. And it s not like Garret can just go to his room and shut the door to get away. His brother Garth is a zombie and conjoined to the top of Garret s spine. Good times.

Forced from his hidden, mountain compound, Garret must learn who to trust and who to fear as he and Garth are thrust into a world more horrific than anything they could imagine. Fighting for their lives in a foreign landscape, the brothers head north to find their father who may have the answer to the deadly virus that caused the zombie apocalypse. Along their way they meet new friends, learn betrayal the hard way, fight for their mother s life, run from deadly ene-mies, and discover that life may have seemed difficult before, but can al-ways get a whole lot worse.

Comments:  Did you read the summary?  Oddly weird and intriguing… almost like those circus “freaks” from way back then.


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