Guide List Update January 2014

In the quest to provide a mostly through classification of Young Adult books, I have added these books into these categories!  Check out the whole list from the homepage!  As always, help me add to the collection by contacting me (there’s more motivation when someone has a suggestion), drop a comment… or by referring people to this list.  Thanks.

Here is the categories and the books added within each:

African/African American

Asian Mythos/Asia

Assassins, Secret Agents, Spies, Thieves and Government Espionage

Contemporary (A-L) (M-Z)

Contemporary Art/Music/Dance

Contemporary Death/Suicide

Contemporary Mental Illness

Contemporary Pregnancy

Contemporary Romance (A-L) (M-Z)

Contemporary Self Image

Contemporary Sexual Assault

Contemporary Sports

Contemporary Survival

Dystopia Post Apocalyptic

Dystopian Society


GLBTQ – Lesbian

High Fantasy

Hispanic/Latin America/Latino(a)



Murder Mystery (Crime & Murder)


Science Fiction


Supernatural (A-L) (M-Z)

Time Travel


Verse Novels


6 responses to “Guide List Update January 2014

  1. Ruby Red is such an awesome time travel read! It’s my first time travel read and I loved it. Have you finished reading the whole trilogy? I heard their making a movie based on the books, but it’s in German. Good thing there are subtitles.

    • You rock! There aren’t many books out there about sports racing… It’s great to actually find one… and even being spurred to look for more after finding yours… there’s just not many… so you rock for writing a novel to try to satisfy those interested in this area!

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