MAN CANDY YA Book Covers

I rewrote this post several times and I felt I got too wordy.  I’ll just show the book covers and comment, which I feel will better relay what I want to say.

At first I was like REALLY?, for a YA book REALLY?…

It’s just… I prefer covers like these:

You know, where people are a bit more clad.

Then I began to think… Well, there’s nothing wrong with man candy… so yeah why not.  Then I thought I don’t think I would read this in public… it has nothing to do with me being a guy ’cause I would also feel weird reading a book with a scantily clad woman.  Though at the end of the day, if I want to read a book with a mostly naked person on it, I’d read it regardless if I was out in public or not.

After a bit of researching, I found out that Abbi Gline’s books (the FIRST 3 pictures) are more in tune to the theme publisher’s are trying to market as “New Adult” (I’m groaning really loud right now if you can’t hear me), which is basically erotica for young people (not kids… like young adults… you know like adults who are younger… isn’t that confusing… fine 18-25ish if you want an age… and new adult isn’t an auto = erotica for young people, but gosh damn it, it sure do seem like it based on majority of the book covers out there alone), but the first book in the series is marketed as a young adult… which kinda taints the pot, if you know what I mean…

(Then again, honestly, romance isn’t really my thing and I do have to say I judge a book by its cover… so I haven’t ever read most of these books in this post.)

So here’s to MAN CANDY YA covers, if that’s your thing:

(Though don’t get me started on some self-published covers… which are basically erotica covers, though they claim to be YA. … which if it wasn’t clear before: I’m not a fan of AT ALL of steamy overtly sexual covers.  And Stay tuned for my scandalous girl covers. )

I’m sure there are others.  Share them below in the comments and I’ll try to update the post.

Wrecked Altered City of Bones Lost Prince Aerie and Reckoning Hush Hush Dark Kiss OriginBane


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