Just Finished: Griff Carver Hallway Patrol

Griff Carver, Hallway Patrol  by Jim Krieg

Publisher:  Razorbill

Release Date:  April 2010

griff carver

Summary:  Griff Carver knows a thing or two about fighting crime.  No, he cannot be bought. He cannot be frightened. And he will not sleep until justice is served. Because Griff Carver is not just any kid–he’s a kid with a badge. And if you are a rule breaker, he’s your worst nightmare.  Griff might be the newest officer on the Rampart Middle School Patrol Squad, but he’s no rookie. And he’ll do whatever it takes to clean up the school’s mean hallways, even if it lands him in trouble with the Old Lady (a.k.a. Mom).  But when he links cool kid, Marcus “The Smile” Volger, to a counterfeit hall pass ring, can Griff and his friends close the case? Or will his habit of ruffling feathers mean he’ll let down the force–and lose his badge–for good?

Notes:  Told in a very detective story type of way – literally, almost like those old PI movies way back with the PI typing away on the type writer, kind of way.  This is considered to be a crime novel for tweens (9-13 year olds) – aka a middle grade novel, not YA – and tries hard to maintain that “No one understands me, but I’m the good Cop (guy)” kind of vibe.  Entertaining if the book is taken not very seriously <must emphasize this (I couldn’t get into it).


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