Stuck In a Rut

Why are there no new posts?!  Why?!  Why are the post numbers dropping?

I’m in a rut that’s why.  I am currently in the middle of 12 books.  12 all started but stopped throughout variously.  Why?  Because I’m getting really really really tired of the girl who falls head over heels in love with a boy and suddenly becomes the dumbest bimbo around, who then turns me in a raging monster, and who would wish that she would die a horrible death.  That covers around 7 of the 12 books I’m reading.  The others though less on romance lacks in urgency and drones on and on and on and on about insignificant details whether inanimate or person or thing.  That’s 2 of the other books.  One I just can’t stand the plot anymore because I have grown tired of authors recycling their old ideas into “new” ones and just renaming their characters… BOOOOOOORING… I mean at first I enjoyed it but now I’m just bored to death and it irritates the hell out of me (*coughs* Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Terry Brooks *coughs*).

So because I’m in a foul mood, the slightest hint of something that denotes a point drop in a book brings forth the raging demon in me and I book mark the book and move onto the next one, even though I don’t even know if its prevalent or not or just that moment.  I must move on.  Sadly, the characters aren’t real, and even if they are real they probably won’t be as stupid as they’re portrayed (at least, I hope not).  I really want to do this to the characters or wished the bad guys did and then the bad guys would kill them tortuously:

Anyway I’ll get through this rut.  I’ve asked some folks who read tons and tons and tons of books and maybe they can impart some wisdom.  For now, I’m taking it slow and gradual.  Hope everyone else is having fun and enjoying their reads.



5 responses to “Stuck In a Rut

  1. The last picture made me laugh.

    I am in a rut too! I’m currently reading four different books which I have never done before. I pick up one, read a chapter then put it down because I can’t focus on it. I have a feeling it has to do more with my life right now rather than the books I’m reading.

    Although, one of them is Glitch and I’m finding it hard to continue because the writing feels very amateurish and is annoying the crap out of me… This was one of the books I wanted to own, until I read your review and decided to get it out at the library instead. So glad I didn’t spend money on this book…

    Another is The Greyfriar, everyone seems to love this series but I can’t stand the main character and the writing does not pull me in. I have no idea what’s going on because the descriptions aren’t very descriptive at all… I feel blind while reading this book.

    I totally just wanted to rant about these somewhere since I don’t post DNF reviews and I think these two books will be books I do not finish.

    I hope you finish these books soon and get to read a book that is absolutely thrilling and not boring at all. And who’s female leads don’t turn into total idiots when they fall for the guy.

    • Eh…. I don’t blame you on Glitch… that one is hard to get through… Greyfriar… haven’t heard of it… It seems interesting on Goodread based on synopsis, but it’s also one I probably won’t pick up without someone telling me to…

      I hope you find a good book soon!

  2. I’m having a very similar problem right now… I’m in the middle of eight books, and just have trouble sometimes getting into the stories. The characters really start to drive me mad. I haven’t been able to get a post up more than once or twice a month for the past couple months; I think this is the longest reading rut I’ve ever been in!

    • Those books I had issues with, I dropped them. I’ll go back to them one day, but dispersed through my readings. Saving them and planning to go back to them sometime soon just is too much added pressure and may even make me hate or dislike the book or not give a clear mind thought on the books. It worked for me as two of my October reviews were books from that pile. Some I’m giving up on and leaving it at that. I won’t review them, but maybe one day I’ll make a list and show why they were unfinished for me. There are too many books to read to suffer through them and too many books to find to love. My last suggestion is to find that type of book you really love and read those. A part of my rut dealt with me trying to branch out and it some what back fired. I hope your rut will get over soon. Best wishes!

      • Yes, I was trying to branch out a bit with some new books recommended by family. I decided to let some of the books go, and just move on. I completely agree that there really are just way too many excellent books out there waiting to be discovered and read to waste time on marginal books that I have to force myself to finish.

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