Book Cover Dilemma

There’s the saying most everyone knows:  “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

And we all do it regardless.  We (readers) ooooohh and aaaaaaah over book covers.  In fact, many of us are compelled to purchase a book by the cover alone because the cover is gorgeous, kick ass, artsy, etc.  I’ve even heard of people buying books because they love a cover so much, even though they absolutely hate the story on the pages inside.

Thankfully, I’m not a chick (I’m a guy to clarify) who can be swayed to purchase a book because the girl on the cover is wearing a gorgeous dress (of course not every girl is swayed by this).  😛  I always chuckle when I read those book cover comments.  But I can relate.  I buy magazines and comic books if it features an tech item I want or the art style of the artist is one that I like.

But here’s the point of this post.  I’m in a dilemma.  I know some folks are capable and “rich” (not necessarily rich but in a monetary situation with enough wiggle room to go ahead and divulge) that they would say, “Just get it.”

If you are familiar with my blog I have posted book reviews for David MacInnis Gill.  I highly enjoy his books because they are just fun for me.  Anyway, I have both the hardcovers that are currently published.  I am one of those people who like to have matching book covers or for book covers to match.  It’s almost an OCD habit.  Here’s the catch.  I am one of those people who also highly prefers hardcovers over paperback.  The only time I will purchase paper backs is if the book or book in the series are only available in paperback format.

So here is the hardcover of the first book:

The hardcover for the second:

Absolutely sad right.  I mean the first book’s hardcover is just hideous.  Boring.  What’s the problem?

Here’s the trade paper back for the first book:

It matches the second book!  Why couldn’t they have done this in the first place?  Why can’t they just sell dust jacket replacements?  I’ll buy them for about 3 dollars.  Maybe limited supply?  Like 5,000 copies?  Anyway, so I totally want matching books and is almost willing to buy the trade paperback just so I’ll having matching covers.  Almost OCD, I know.

Should I?  What would you do?  Buy one, get rid of the other?  Keep both?  Don’t buy at all?  I’m just curious.  If you were me what would you do?


8 responses to “Book Cover Dilemma

  1. Print out the paperback’s book cover, and glue it on your hardback copy. 😛 lol

    On a more serious note, repurchasing books is tough. You might regret it in terms of money wasted, or space decreased. Keep the money for something else. ^^

  2. Ohhhh my god! I HATE it when things like this happen with book covers! I have to have the same line of book covers in a series as well. Although I also hate it when the books come in different height sizes, but I’m guilty of having different sized books in a series and refuse to get the right size because of the money issue.

    BUT in saying that, I think what I would do with the cover situation is try and sell the book before purchasing the book in the right cover. And if I can’t sell it to anyone then I would leave it.

    I get so annoyed when they change the covers halfway through the series and never release the newer books in the older covers. I don’t understand why they would do that?! It’s happened for Across the Universe and I am so pissed that the third book will not be the same cover as the first two I have. All three of the new covers look really nice together but I totally can’t afford to buy the first two books again plus I love the two covers I have for the first two. They’re so spacey and pretty. And I love space. (Did I just contradict the paragraph above?)

    *sigh* I could really rant about this situation all day.

    • I had to go Look at Beth Revis’ books and I didn’t know they changed the covers. I like the first edition hardcovers of the first and second books. The third one isn’t appealing to me.

      I looked at reselling the book and I’ll only get back like 2 or 3 dollars at the most, which then I’ll just keep the book.

      Yeah, I think having a nice book cover is now part of the experience of buying a book.

      • The ones that made it look like they were on a space ship? I wasn’t that big a fan of those ones but that’s because I saw the spacey ones first and fell in love with them.

        Hmm how much is too much for the book? The book depository is selling it at just over $8 USD with free shipping (I’m not even sure if you live in the US haha). But if you’re only going to get a third of that back by selling your copy then I guess in comparison that’s still high.

        And you’re right about having nice covers for the books. I’m guilty of that… If the paperback cover is different and I like it better than the hardback cover then I will usually wait for that release and get the book out from the library if I’m dying to read it…

      • Hmm there’s no reply for your next comment, so I’ll make it here, may take it out of order. I liked the ones with the stars and galaxy in the back ground. The first one being the ones where there’s the faint outline of two people in the stars and the second book’s of two people palming through a sphere towards the stars.

        I do live in the US. 😀

  3. Hey, I think I may have caught a reference to me being tempted by covers with gorgeous dresses 😉 I will rarely buy a book for its cover, but it definitely will make me pick it up or give it a shot!

    If I were you and really loved the book inside as well as the new cover art, I would buy the book again. I love supporting my favorite authors! But it’s definitely understandable if you don’t want to due to lack of space or money.

    • Right, if you don’t support your authors they can’t write. Well they can but they need to put a roof over their heads and food into their mouths.

      I’m still undecided about buying it or not. I’m going to go look at a few local bookstores and see if they have it in stock and is on sale or something…

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