WHAT?!: The Sweetest Spell

I’m doing this post because I stumbled upon a book that I thought was strangley appealing.  It made me reread the synopsis and I giggle to myself because it sounded so strangely cheesy and intriguing.  Like… really?  Maybe it’s just the guy in me, maybe not?  Is it?  You decide and tell me.

The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

Publisher:  Walker and Company

Release Date:  August 2012

Synopsis:  Emmeline Thistle has always had a mysterious bond with cows, beginning on the night of her birth, when the local bovines saved the infant cast aside to die in the forest. But Emmeline was unaware that this bond has also given her a magical ability to transform milk into chocolate, a very valuable gift in a kingdom where chocolate is more rare and more precious than gold or jewels. Then one day Owen Oak, a dairyman’s son, teaches Emmeline to churn milk into butter—and instead she creates a delicious chocolate confection that immediately makes her a target for every greedy, power-hungry person in the kingdom of Anglund. Only Owen loves Emmeline for who she truly is, not her magical skill. But is his love enough to save her from the danger all around her?

My thoughts:  To me, it sounds like one of those plots, you seem to make up in your head for randomness.  Obsurd and very seemingly funny.  The types of stories guys tell just to laugh and giggle to themselves and with each other.  Or the types of stories you tell to others to mock something.  Only this is the female version.  Do I want to read it?  Yes.  Just so I can see how it really plays out.

So you know what I’m saying?  Is it just me?  Thoughts?


One response to “WHAT?!: The Sweetest Spell

  1. Haha wow, so I started laughing as soon as I read the first line. “Emmeline Thistle has always had a mysterious bond with cows”, hahaha really?

    What a weird premise. It does sound like something you just make up on the spot for laughs and giggles. I’ll have to read your review because I wouldn’t be able to take this book seriously!

    Jordon @ Miss Book Reviews

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