Forget Me Not #2: Speak

Forget Me Not:  A category post about books published more than 5 years ago, where I feel should be read and not forgotten.  With the current trend of YA and the amounts of books being published endlessly, I feel that these books still deserve a reading.  Forget them not.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Release Date: October 1999

Synopsis:  Melinda Sordino busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops. Now her old friends won’t talk to her, and people she doesn’t even know hate her from a distance. The safest place to be is alone, inside her own head. But even that’s not safe. Because there’s something she’s trying not to think about, something about the night of the party that, if she let it in, would blow her carefully constructed disguise to smithereens. And then she would have to speak the truth.

My Two Cents:  I picked this book up when I was a freshman in high school.  I remember Melinda’s alienation.  I remember the end scene in the closet.  I remember her tree project.  I’ve only read this book once.  Ever.  This one will stay with you.  It haunts you.  It isn’t an award nominee for nothing.


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