Brand Spankin’ New! May 08, 2012

It’s seems like May is the time to get published.  Another week and we have a myriad of books that are published.  From popular series and others making a debut.  Unfortunately, this grouping don’t interest me in they way like I HAVE TO GET THAT BOOK.  A lot of them I know I want to read.  Others I find curious, like Never Fall Down (because my mother is an immigrant due to war and she wants me to write her life story – serious – and I think it would be a great and intersting story to tell, I just don’t know if I can tell it right).  Cassandra Clare’s book I’ll probably hold off on.  Trust me… I’m having trouble with Clockwork Prince, in a raging mindless way.  If I ever finish the book, you will know why.  I started the book like a month and half ago… The Hunt sounds intriguing.  I’ll probably have to reread Carrie Jone’s series to refresh my memory on the golden glitter fairies.

Do any of these look good to you?  Which ones?


2 responses to “Brand Spankin’ New! May 08, 2012

  1. Haha I started Cassandra Clare’s City of Bone’s back in December and I still haven’t been able to pick it up and finish it… It’s at the bottom of my TBR pile at the moment. Literally. A shame really since I bought the first three books of the series thinking I would love it!

    Enchanted sounds interesting. I’m not sure about the name ‘Sunday’ though. I read the summary then had to re-read it because I kept thinking Sunday was the day, not the name of the main character. I definitely want to read it though! A prince trying to make a ‘commoner’ fall in love? Always my favourite plot line.

    The cover of Endure is really pretty!

    Never Fall Down does sound rather interesting.

    Ladies in Waiting certainly sounds scandalous!

    I add books to my TBR pile faster than I can read them :/

    • I know what you mean! Right now my to-read list is sitting around at 178. I had to stop myself from looking at more books.

      Enchanted does sound really interesting, after reading your description and looking it up on Goodreads.

      Though I think having too many books to read is better than having not enough books to read.

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