Brand Spankin’ New! May 1, 2012

Hey all!  I was going to post this yesterday but I fell asleep at my computer.  Seriously.  From work and then working to upgrade my blog, my brain fizzed out and I woke up two hours later head pressed against the keys with a page with a lot of letters on repeat.  Anyway, what I wanted to do was showcase a few books that are published today (rather yesterday, May 1st, 2012) because there were quite a few books.  So every once in a while, when I’m up to it, I plan to do a post on those days books that are released on that day.  Of course this includes only United States release dates.  The list is probably not complete, that it does not include all books, but it lists some.  Yesterday, in the released book there were a few I really want to read.  Here are the Brand Spankin’ New books you can purchase!

(I crossed referenced dates on both Amazon and Goodreads.  There are a few with conflicting dates.  I went with Goodreads dates on those as I trust Goodreads more than Amazon.  I am not affiliated (own or operate, or is employed) by the two sites nor do I claim to be.)

Which ones are you excited about?

I just bought The Vicious Deep!  So expect a review of that sometime this month!  I also borrowed The Drowned Cities from someone I work with.  So I’m happy and content at the moment. 

PS.  If you navigated my site before, I added a few “new”  stuff.  This “Book Shelf” section is where I will post anything book related that aren’t book reviews.  So like today’s update: new books.  Some other days I may do what other book bloggers do and post about different things (although I won’t do a day assigned thing like those other bloggers.  I’ll go on a whim and do what I feel like that day.  :D)… like: cover critiques, anticipating a book, and if I get popular enough maybe author interviews, or random personal commentary on books in general, like “Why I hate instant-love relationships.”  That sort of thing.

PSS.  If you click on the pictures a larger slideshow will come up.  I’m trying to configure it so that it takes you to the Goodreads page or gives a description of the book, but no luck so far.


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